Jul 25, 2012

Bottesford NHW Alert: Cold Calling Again!

It appears that so called "crime prevention" cold callers may be active in the Bottesford area again. This morning one resident received a call from a very plausible sounding woman saying that they were calling about crime prevention in Bottesford.  She said they were registered with the police & asked the resident to verify their name & address.  When asked exactly who they were the caller said "Security Direct" at which point the resident decided to terminate the call.  On checking afterwards the caller's number was "withheld". If you receive such a call please be cautious and do not offer any personal or financial details to unknown callers.
There is what appears to be a legitimate company registered as www.securitydirect.uk.com offering security products, some of which it claims meet police preferred specifications, but there is no mention on the website of them being registered with the police. In any case it is perfectly possible for criminals to pose as employees of a legitimate business when cold calling potential target victims.
John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626
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