Sep 28, 2012

Bottesford NHW Alert: Burglary in Easthorpe - Correction /Attempted Theft from Motor Vehicle parked at the Muston Gap Restaurant /Action Fraud Warning : Hackers target Gmail, Yahoo and AOL passwords

Burglary in Easthorpe - Correction
The burglary is believed to have taken place on Wed 26th September and not Tues 25th October as previously reported. Thanks to those who spotted my error and alerted it to me. Unfortunately we haven't yet perfected the means of predicting crime a month in advance - if only!!
Attempted Theft from Motor Vehicle Parked at the Muston Gap Restaurant

Between 12:50 and 14:30 on the 23/09/2012 there was an attempted theft from motor vehicle parked at the Muston Gap restaurant.  Nothing was taken.

Hackers target Gmail, Yahoo and AOL passwords
Cybercriminals have launched a scam designed to steal your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo or Windows Live passwords [25 September 2012]

Security firm Sophos has warned users to be wary of emails which claim to come from
The emails, which are cleverly designed to resemble official alerts from Microsoft, tell users that their computer is at high risk and advises visiting a supposed "update" page.

Upon clicking the link, however, users are directed to a phishing site which attempts to harvest email addresses for webmail services including Gmail and AOL mail.
Once the fraudsters have access to your account they can gather personal information and potentially use it to commit identity theft.

To view the full details of this Action Fraud warning and to see an example of the email go to :   Hackers target Gmail, Yahoo and AOL passwords
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