Dec 3, 2012

Bottesford NHW Alert: A607 Melton Road closed 03/12/2012 07:45 / Police are warning motorists not to leave their cars while defrosting

A607 Melton Road closed


One of the main routes into Leicester has been closed this morning due to flooding.


The A607 Melton Road has been closed in both directions between Lanesborough Road and Sandringham Avenue.


Drivers are asked to take alternative routes in and out of the city.



Police are warning motorists not to leave their cars while defrosting windscreens


Leicestershire Police have issued a warning to motorists not to leave their cars unattended while they are defrosting windows.


In the last 24 hours there has already been two vehicles reported stolen in Whetstone and Ratby while left unattended on driveways with their engines running.


Sergeant Steve King, said; “It can be tempting to leave car engines running while the windows are defrosting and go back inside a warm house, but this means that it is easy for someone to get in and drive off with your car.


“Most thieves are opportunists who are just looking for that one chance to steal your car. Others take advantage of the cold weather and are actively on the look out for an easy target.


“On icy mornings when the car needs to be defrosted you should stay with your car. It is also important that people are extra vigilant and report anyone they see acting suspiciously to the police.”


During the frosty weather officers will be advising drivers of any vehicles found unattended with engines running and handing them a leaflet to remind them that their vehicle could have been stolen.


This type of crime is avoidable by staying with your vehicle and it is also worth remembering that if a car is stolen in this way it might not be covered by your insurance company.


Insurance companies are unlikely to compensate owners whose vehicles have been stolen while unattended with the keys in the ignition. If the car is left on a public highway with its engine running, the owner could be guilty of an offence.


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