Feb 15, 2013

Bottesford NHW Alert: River Devon / Attempted Theft of a Box Van in Redmile / Attempted Burglary Arrests

River Devon
Two vehicles became stranded yesterday attempting to cross the River Devon fords, one on Devon Lane and one on Rectory Lane (Duck's Crossing). It is very unwise to attempt to cross these fords when the river is high and fast flowing as it was yesterday after the snow melt and overnight rain on Wednesday. The diversion via Grantham Road and Station Road only takes a few minutes longer, is safer and much cheaper than the cost of recovering and repairing a vehicle that has been swept away! 
Attempted Theft of a Box Van in Redmile
Between 7.30pm Wed night (13/02) and 10.15am Thurs morning (14/02) persons unknown have attempted to steal a large box van on Main Road, Redmile. The offenders broke a gate lock which led to a field and then continued to break in to an outbuilding where the van was located. The van was dragged a short distance but due to security measures the thieves were unable to take the van.  

If anyone has any information regarding the crime the please call the Police on 101.

A timely reminder of the value of good security measures.

Attempted Burglary Arrests

Leicestershire police last week intercepted and arrested two men who were allegedly involved in an attempted burglary in Loughborough. Burglars, by the very nature of their chosen activities, tend to be serial offenders. Every one arrested by the police saves an unknown number of future potential victims the shock and heartbreak of this very personal type of violation. But police activity is only one aspect of crime prevention. We can all take personal responsibility for ensuring our homes and our possessions are secure. Fitting modern, good quality locks, installing alarms and security lighting, closing curtains during the hours of darkness and ensuring that properties are lit even when unoccupied are all measures that will deter burglars. Above all by being vigilant and reporting suspicious activity we can all help to make our village an unwelcoming and unproductive place for criminals to operate.

John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626

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