Jul 19, 2013

2 more NHW issues

Another cat is missing.
This one has no collar, but is chipped. It is small & black, but has white paws & nose. It is missing from a house near the Spar.
 Please ring Peter Sheardown 01949844591 or email NHW if you can help.
As your Flood Warden I make no apology for sending this in the current weather. It was in July 2001 when 70 to 80 house flooded in our district & following that insurance has not always been easy.
From: "Amanda Davies NFF" <amanda.davies@floodforum.org.uk>
Subject: Insurance
Date: 1 July 2013 11:40:22 GMT+01:00

Dear Campaigner
Government's  announcement on a new approach for flood risk insurance for householders is great news for communities.  A decision has been made at last and the Government has selected the levy and pool system; the model most likely to provide affordable, accessible and socially just insurance.  We have collected all the information about these announcements on our website, so please to see what is involved.
The Government has also announced a consultation on how the new scheme is to be developed in and delivered.  You can also access this on the website.  We now need to focus on the detail, to make sure that the final deal delivers reliable and affordable insurance for people for communities.
Finally, an announcement of £370 million of investment in flood defences was also announced.  More good news; it will be interesting to see just where the projects are in due course.
Paul Cobbing
Chief Executive
National Flood Forum
Old Snuff Mill Warehouse
Park Lane
DY12 2EL
(  01299 403101
(  0777 3355 181

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