Sep 13, 2013

crime update

Please make sure your doors & windows are kept closed whenever possible. An opportunist break in took place in Stathern recently.

Police in Melton have warned members of the public to be on their guard against purse thieves.

It comes after officers charged a woman in her 50s with theft, following an alleged offence in the town centre.

PCSO Andrea Kemp said: “It is important that people keep an eye out for thieves when shopping. A lot of the time people think that thieves fit a certain description but this is not always true.

“I would like to remind all shoppers of the importance of making sure your bag and valuables are secure when shopping.”

PC Lindsey Booth added: “We would also like to encourage people to report offences, whether you are a victim or a witness.”

Fuel is being taken from lorries. Drivers are encouraged to leave them in secure places overnight.

Finally, those of you who may be subject to Flooding & Insurance worries, download the attachment. or go to []

for promising news.

Peter Sheardown
Acting Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Phone: 01949 844591


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