Oct 12, 2015

Bottesford NHW Alert: Suspicious Caller

Suspicious Caller - Message for Knipton NHW:
On Friday night (9/10/2015) at approximately 19:15, a man tried to gain access to a home in Main Street Knipton. He went to the back door and knocked. When the lady opened the door he said there was a large water leak in the area and he wanted to come in and turn the water off. The caller then put his arm out in an attempt to stop the lady from closing the door. Thankfully he was unsuccessful and she was able to close and lock the door.
The Police were called, but the man had left the area when they arrived.
The caller was +/- 5' 3" tall, with a gaunt looking face, approximately 30 yrs old, wearing a brown floppy hat, light coloured shirt and dark trousers.
The lady concerned lost her husband earlier this week, and an announcement was in the local paper.
Please be vigilant, and keep your doors locked.
John Shilton
Principal NHW Co-ordinator
Bottesford Parish NHW
Mobile: 07725636626

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