Feb 21, 2017

Bottesford NHW Alert: Mobile Catering Truck Stolen / Door-to-Door Fish Sellers

Mobile Catering Truck Stolen:


During the last 24 hours a mobile catering truck has been stolen from the football field on Nottingham Road. The padlock securing the gates to the field was removed to gain access. The truck is in a distinctive bright red livery with “Hank Marvin” lettering on the side. It was bearing a vehicle registration number YN07 YHW but this may have been removed by the thieves. If anyone saw this truck being moved in the last 24 hours or knows its whereabouts please notify the police. If it is seen being moved it constitutes a crime in progress so please call 999 to report it, otherwise use the 101 number.


Door-to-Door Fish Sellers:


On Saturday the 18 February 2017 at about 9am elderly residents on School View, were approached by three men selling fish door to door from the back of a van. These men were selling fish at a high price and were trying to persuade elderly residents to buy for between £40 - £50. Even if the elderly resident said they did not have the money, they were told they could pay by card and their bank details were requested.  One elderly resident refused to hand over her bank details, saying that her daughter dealt with her banking affairs, but the man continued to pressurise her into buying. When she finally relented and bought some fish for cash, no receipt was provided.


The fish was in a white transit type van without any refrigeration. The three men were wearing Adidas trainers, Adidas trousers and a white jackets. The fish were in shrink wrapped containers and had a label on them with the name Packed for Northern Seas, Caterhouse Road  Durham, DH1 5HP with a use/freeze by date of 21.02.2021. Internet searches of this business name and address does not return any relevant information. This could still be a legitimate business acting in an over-zealous manner. On the other hand it may be one of an increasing number of disreputable fish sellers offering low quality and possibly illegal products using questionable sales techniques. These sellers also ignored stickers on some residents’ doors indicating that they did not wish to receive unwanted callers.


As always NHW advises not to buy from door-to-door callers. If you want to buy fish or any other product please go to reputable businesses who will provide safe and legal products. Door-to-door sellers who are over-insistent and will not leave when requested are committing a crime and should be reported to the police and/or trading standards.


If anyone else in the area had problems with these particular sellers please inform NHW so we can gauge the extent of the problem they caused.



John Shilton

Principal Co-ordinator

Bottesford Parish NHW

Email: JohnS@bottesfordparishNHW.org.uk

Mobile: 07725636626


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