Jul 26, 2017

Bottesford NHW Alert: PPI Scam / Parking on the Pavement / Preparing for Flooding

PPI Scam

Residents will be well aware of the many scams that have emerged in recent times and we regularly put out general advice about how to spot, and deal with them safely. Occasionally we receive information that local residents have been contacted by attempted scammers and this is one such instance. A local resident was contacted “out of the blue” by a female caller and advised that they were entitled to a substantial PPI payout, but in order to receive this the recipient would have to pay for the funds to be delivered by courier! Fortunately this resident was well informed about scam methodology and during a second phone call started to ask questions of the caller which ultimately led to the call being disconnected by the caller. The concern is that elderly or more vulnerable residents may have been taken in by such a call, which is exactly what the scammers are hoping for. So here is a reminder of a couple of points  to remember if you are contacted “out of the blue” by someone with good news.

1)      If it seems too good to be true – it usually is.

2)      Instinctively we trust female callers more than males. Don’t fall into this trap - scammers understand this and seek to exploit it.

3)      Asking questions such as callers name, company name, company address, company telephone numbers and where/how they obtained personal financial information about you will often result in scammers abandoning their “pitch”. If that doesn’t do it – then telling them that you need time to check out their details/information with a reputable source will often deter even the most persistent scammers. They don’t want to waste their time, or risk their operation being exposed, by unduly inquisitive people.

4)      You don’t need to be polite to cold callers. If you have any doubts about their authenticity, just put the phone down. And if they call back keep putting the phone down – they will soon give up!


Parking on the Pavement

NHW has received a number of complaints about cars being parked on, or partly on, the pavement. Technically this is illegal and although it is not generally rigidly enforced people who do so should remember that in the event of an accident they may find themselves facing charges and claims for liability, without insurance cover which could be void due to the illegal parking. In a village we really need to rely on residents common sense and community spirit. Please don’t park where your vehicle causes inconvenience or danger to other vehicle drivers or pedestrians. In particular pleased don’t block pedestrian paths for those using wheelchairs or pushing prams.


Preparing for Flooding

The Flood Warden has asked for residents to be informed of a comprehensive advice note about preparing for, and dealing with, flooding that has been prepared by the insurance company Direct Line. It is quite a lengthy note but extremely useful to anyone in a property at risk of flooding. The link is:





John Shilton

Principal Co-ordinator

Bottesford Parish NHW

Email: JohnS@bottesfordparishNHW.org.uk

Mobile: 07725636626


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