Mar 2, 2020

Bottesford NHW Alert: Leicestershire Police Online Reporting 01/03/2020 16:38:57 [312441]

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Sent: 01 March 2020 16:39
Subject: Leicestershire Police Online Reporting 01/03/2020 16:38:57 [312441]


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Leicestershire Police Online Reporting

Reporting Non Emergency Crime Online

Leicestershire Police is encouraging people to report non-emergency crime online as part of a new drive to make access for the public even easier.

Currently the vast majority of non-emergency crime reports come into the force via the 101 telephone line.

Leicestershire Police moved to the Single Online Home platform in April last year – part of a national project to standardise police websites across the country. It allows users to interact directly with forces, providing people with the ability to report crime in a convenient and accessible way.

The public can also:

Report details of road traffic collisions

Report fraud

Report a lost or stolen vehicle

Log Anti-Social Behaviour details

Report details of missing people

Report lost or found property

Provide feedback to the force including thanks or dissatisfaction

People can simply go to and click on report and choose the appropriate section.

If they are reporting a crime they will be directed through a series of short questions to establish some basic details of what has happened and where and when it took place, is there any potential evidence and whether anything was stolen or damaged.

That information goes straight to the force’s Crime Bureau, which will make an assessment of the information, decide whether more details are needed, allocate an officer or file it for information.

Users will receive a reference number and will be contacted back either by email or text of the next steps within 24 hours.

Assistant Chief Constable Julia Debenham said: “It is vital that the public have confidence in the police and are able to report any non-emergency incidents in as convenient and accessible way as possible.

“Single Online Home allows people to report crimes or incidents that don’t require an immediate police response in their own time and at their own pace.

“An increasing amount of people prefer to do their business online and expect the police to be able to offer the same type of interaction they get with other service providers.

“It offers people exactly the same provision as calling 101 and can take less time. The average 101 call to report a crime or incident takes eight-and-a-half minutes. Reporting crime online not only gives the public greater choice in how they want to interact with us, it also frees up more of our resources.

“So the message is always call 999 in an emergency but if it’s not then report your crime online via our website.”

There are no plans to change the availability of the national 101 Non Emergency Number should you wish to use this service to contact us.


Message Sent By
Andy Wylie (Police, PCSO, Rutland)

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