Apr 1, 2012

Melton Mowbray Blog March 2012


Over the last month there have been 53 reported thefts of Catalytic convertors across Melton, Rutland and Market Harborough divisions. Thieves are targeting vans and 4 x 4s overnight; just under half of those targeted were Ford Rangers.

In Melton it has been Wymondham and surrounding villages which have been hardest hit. We have stepped up patrols but we rely on the public being our eyes and ears. If you see anyone actively suspiciously around vehicles then I would urge you to phone 101. If you believe anyone is in the act of committing such a crime then 999 is the appropriate number. Please note as much descriptive detail and take the registration numbers of any suspicious cars.

One such member of the public from Braunstone-in-Rutland did just that and we made an arrest in Watford when the car was spotted. The person arrested was later charged with 5 offences including burglary and 4 vehicle crimes including some of those in Wymondham and was remanded in custody and is awaiting trial. These thieves target catalytic convertors for the precious metals they contain which are worth a considerable sum of money. They will also take any other opportunities presented to them and some other car crimes in the same villages have involved windows being smashed and phones and satnavs stolen. Please do not leave valuables on show even for a few seconds as that is all it takes for a thief to help themselves.

 'Leave it on show expect it to go' 

The benefits of CCTV were evidenced this month:- 

Two weeks ago two men, both aged 24, were charged with grievous bodily harm and remanded following an assault in broad daylight in Melton Market.  A 32 year old man was hit in the head and had to receive hospital treatment.  The town's CCTV operators were instrumental in providing information that led to the arrest of the two men. 

Justice outcomes:- 

These appear in the Melton Times so I would urge you to take a look at who is committing the crime (they maybe your neighbours) 

One result of note followed a report of anti-social behaviour where youths were riding a mini moto in Drummond Walk on 5th June 2011. Job Wood 19yrs who lives on Drummond Walk contested the fixed penalty ticket issued by officers for no insurance but was found guilty at a hearing at Magistrates Court on 21st March. He was fined £315 and issued with 6 penalty points on his licence. His mini-moto was also seized at the time. 

Finally the end of the performance year was arrived. How does crime look?

Well it is a mixed picture. Overall crime dropped by 3% which is 74 less victims of crime which is good news. House burglaries went up 31.5% which equates to 121 crimes opposed to 92 last year. We suspect that most of this rise was due to one individual who was charged and sentenced and is currently residing at Her Majesty's Pleasure. If you look at the overall 4 year trend Melton has seen a huge reduction. In 2008/9 the burglaries numbered 231.

A similar increase has been seen in commercial burglaries with a rise from 88 to 106. Burglary reduction will remain our main focus for the coming year. 

However vehicle crime has been a real success. This followed Operation Ball which has run for the past year targeting rural crime with overt and covert patrols. We have seen a 28.6% drop in theft of vehicles with 20 less victims and a drop of 15.6% in theft from vehicles with 18 less victims. 

Serious violent crime has also seen a drop of 14.3% which is 2 less offences. This is a result of a good partnership working with Pubwatch, the Safer Melton Partnership and CCTV.

This coming year will be a fresh challenge with the state of the UK's economy. We are starting to see an increase in some offences such as shoplifting but we are not complacent and 2012/13 will see the launch of a rural crime initiative as well as other operations in the town to tackle crime and ASB.

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