May 19, 2012

Bottesford NHW Alert: Cold Callers Offering Burglar Alarms/Recent Crimes in Lincolnshire Villages


Cold Callers Offering Burglar Alarms

Please see below an extract from a message received from a local resident this morning:

"Around 10.30 this morning I received a call from a male asking for me or my wife (I am a widower). He said that there were no alert-linked alarms fitted in Bottesford homes and his company were offering a free installation for 4 homes. I didn't get any further and just said I wasn't interested. I wasn't quick thinking enough because I realised shortly after that this could have been a scam to confirm that I did not have such an alarm (otherwise, he would expect me to say I already had one). Therefore, someone out there now has a pretty good idea that I don't have a linked alarm. I hope this was just a genuine sales call but I thought I'd alert you so that you can decide whether to warn other NHW households. If anyone else gets such a call, it might be a good idea to say "I've already got a good alarm system" regardless of whether they have or not. If I'd have thought quickly enough that's what I would have said. I'm sorry I didn't even ask for the company name as I cut the guy off. I said sorry not interested and his response was pretty rude really - something along the lines that it would be my loss if I got burgled."

As this resident rightly says it is extremely unwise to discuss your existing home security with strangers, especially those initiating the contact with you. Please be aware of the risks and don't provide strangers with any information that would help them in criminal activities.

Recent Crimes in Lincolnshire Villages

Please see the following extracts from Lincolnshire Police reports. Owners of 4x4 vehicles should note that yet another Toyota Hi Lux has been stolen locally:

Sometime between May 6th & May 16th there was a burglary at a property in Richmond Close area of Caythorpe
Sometime between 2:30pm & 3:15pm on May 16th a vehicle was broken into in the Doddington Lane area of Dry Doddington.
Sometime overnight on May 15th a Quad bike & a trailer were both stolen from a farm on Main St Long Bennington.
Sometime overnight on May 15th a trailer was stolen from the High Dyke in Ancaster.
Sometime overnight on May 17th a Toyota Hi lux with a registration of K964 HCJ was stolen from Low Road Barrowby.

John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626

If you no longer wish to receive these messages please send a 'Reply' with 'Unsubscribe' in the Subject line. 


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