Jan 14, 2014

Bottesford NHW Alert: Burglaries / Warning About "Copycat" Websites for Renewing Official Documents / Lost Dog - Update

Early evening on 9/1/14 burglars entered a dwelling in Long Bennington through an insecure door, stole car keys, Apple Mac, Laptop x 2.  Offenders were disturbed by owners returning to the property.  

A timely reminder to ensure all our doors and windows are locked every time we leave the house.  The recent burglaries in Hose were accessed via insecure premises.

Warning About "Copycat" Websites for Renewing Official Documents

Trading Standards officers are warning consumers not to fall victim to "copycat" websites when renewing their passports, driving licences or European health insurance cards.

Leicestershire County Council is issuing advice after receiving more than 180 complaints in the last year from residents who feel they have been 'fooled' into paying for free services.

Fees can range from £20 for a European health insurance Card, which is actually free from the NHS, to £90 to update an address on a driving licence, which is also free from the DVLA.

Most people will use search engines when they want to update their passports, driving licences or European health insurance cards and many understandably assume that the first few sites that appear in the results are the sites they need to use.

They then click onto these and soon find themselves paying for a service which is available free - or isn't even available online.

Pam Posnett, Leicestershire County Council Cabinet Member for Trading Standards, said: " People can easily be 'fooled' as these web sites work by charging a fee for forwarding consumers' details onto the correct authority, or for 'processing' the application by posting you the information for you to apply directly."

David Bull, Head of the County Council's Trading Standards Service, added: "It is very easy to end up on one of these third party websites.

"If you read the website details they do tell you that they are not the official site and they are charging for a service which is available free elsewhere. However, we are receiving regular complaints from residents who feel they have been misled by these websites.

"If you need to apply or update your details for any of these documents you should do so via www.gov.uk which will direct you to the correct websites."

For more advice from Leicestershire County Council's Trading Standards Service, visit: www.leics.gov.uk/scams_info

Lost Dog - Update

The white Highland Terrier reported lost last week was returned safely to his owner. Thanks to all those residents that took the trouble to report sightings.

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