Jan 3, 2012

Theft of Phones and Computers

Software could help protect your new gadgets
The following message is being circulated around the NHW network. It is particularly timely given the recent report of an Iphone being stolen in the Bull pub in Bottesford.

Laptops, mobile phones and PCs were at the top of many people's Christmas lists this year.  
But expensive gadgets are also a major attraction for thieves and  Neighbourhood Watch are urging people to consider making use of free software to protect their property against theft. 
One option available that can be used is Prey, an application that helps track and find lost or stolen computers and phones.  The free software can be downloaded directly onto a device and allows owners to trace the whereabouts of the item if it is stolen.  It also provides a screenshot of a computer's running desktop and takes a picture from computers with built-in webcams. 
The software also allows users to trigger a range of actions, such as sound an alarm, send a message to appear on screen, or even lock the device from being used.  The Prey software requires an internet connection to work and will attempt to log on to the nearest WiFi access point available.
It can be downloaded free from www.preyproject.com

Anyone receiving valuable gifts like bikes, phones or computers this Christmas are also being urged to register their goods on a secure web based national database.  
The Immobilise register allows police to reunite rightful owners with their property and is a powerful tool in the fight against theft. 
To register your valuables free of charge, visit www.immobilise.com.
By just taking a few moments to register valuables on the free Immobilise database and to download the free Prey application, people could increase the likelihood of having their goods returned to them, and assist in providing evidence for potential prosecutions.
We don't want anyone to be a victim of theft this year, so please take advantage of these free registrations to help keep your valuables safe.

John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626

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