Aug 12, 2012

Bottesford NHW Alert: Lincs Police Security Advice on Catalytic Converters

The following advice has been issued by Lincs Police:
Lincolnshire Police urge owners of vehicles which have catalytic converters to get them security marked in a bid to reduce metal theft.
Lincolnshire Police Crime Reduction Officer Sally Picker said: “This is an ongoing problem across the whole county. A huge amount of work is already being done to catch the criminals involved through Operation Brompton, which tackles all metal theft. It is hoped these kits will both prevent further crimes and also improve the chances of securing convictions when offenders are arrested.
“All you have to do is put a coded sticker on your catalytic converter, coat it with a tube of provided liquid and it creates a permanent mark. You then register your code on the International Security Register (ISR), which is run by Retainagroup, the company which produces the marking packs. This means that when we recover catalytic converters, the marked ones tell us that a crime has been committed and the ISR leads us straight to the victim. The prevention side comes in with stickers that you display on your car advertising the fact that your converter is marked – putting criminals off.”
Steve Pulley of Victor Woods car dealership in Grantham is using some of the kits.
He said: "They are a great idea as they demonstrate we are doing something to prevent this crime and catch these criminals."
View the recent 'youtube' video explaining more on the kits.
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To buy a pack contact Retainagroup on: (01233) 333000
Or visit their website at
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