Nov 7, 2012

Bottesford NHW Alert: Message from Our Flood Warden

National Flood Forum findings:
No link between property level flood risk protection and insurance, but people have peace of mind
A new National Flood Forum Study shows that there is no link between people installing measures to protect their property from flooding and the availability, or cost, of household insurance.  However, people who did install Property Level Protection did feel that it brought peace of mind.
Spokesman for the Forum, Paul Cobbing, said “Property Level Protection measures are a new and rapidly developing way for people to help protect their homes from floods.  Hundreds of people have invested in reducing their flood risk.”
Property Level Protection against flood risk is the process of reducing the risk of flood water entering a home through the use of a range of products, such as air brick covers, flood doors and barriers and non-return valves on the drainage system.
Where properties are surveyed properly, and the right methods chosen for the building and the householder, these methods can help protect people and their possessions.
To read the report please go to
My advice to local residents is that if you flooded in 2001 or since, then take measures to protect your property. Where it says flood doors, all that is mostly needed is a sheet of plywood cut to fit your doors & seal it in place with sealant if flooding is imminent.

 If you did not flood in 2001 or since, then you are one of the lucky ones & should be safe.

Peter Sheardown.
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