Aug 9, 2013

Bottesford NHW Alert: Theft of Personal Information From Mail - Update / Bogus Tradesmen / Scrap Metal Collectors


Theft of Personal Information From Mail - Update

You may recall a number of incidents last year concerning the suspected use of data from mail being delivered in the Bottesford area to order replacement bank cards that were then being intercepted and used fraudulently in the London area.

On the 18th December 2012 a Royal Mail employee from Bingham Delivery Office was arrested by officers of the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Card Unit for conspiracy to defraud.

Having pleaded guilty Mr David Reedman (the now former postman who delivered in Bottesford) and Mr  Olumbunmi Ogendengbe (an external offender involved in the ordering and use of the bank cards) were sentenced at the Central Criminal Court in London on the 1st August 2013.  Mr Reedman received a 4 month prison sentence suspended for 18 months and Mr Ogendengbe received a 9 month prison sentence.

It is extremely rare for a Royal Mail delivery officer to be involved in such matters as the vast majority are both hard working, honest and are eyes and ears in our community. Royal Mail cannot be held accountable for the criminal actions of Mr Reedman.

 If you experience any problems with suspected theft or fraud involving mail deliveries they should be reported to Royal Mail Customer Services on 08457 740 740 or the local Police who will contact them on your behalf.

Bogus Tradesmen

Please be aware that bogus tradesmen have been reported working in the area.

Scrap Metal Collectors

A white pick up KW51GEO with 'SCRAP-IT LTD'  on the bonnet was making door to door collections earlier today in the Bowbridge Gardens area.

John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626

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