Aug 11, 2013

Bottesford NHW Alert: Theft of Personal Information From Mail - Update / Bogus Tradesmen / Scrap Metal Collectors

We have received a report this morning (Sunday) of a black and white collie dog wearing a black collar running free on the outskirts of Normanton (last seen in the fields at the Bottesford end of the village). Has anyone lost such a dog or know someone who has?
Sometimes the people that commit crimes can move around the county (and across county boundaries) in order to continue to find new victims.
This email is designed to alert you to crime that is currently taking place across Lincolnshire that may at some point in the future arrive on your doorstep.
Door to Door salesman
At present we have become aware of door to door salesmen travelling across Lincolnshire County selling drawings, some by pencil.  The person and in some cases persons, selling the drawings are claiming to be deaf and wish to obtain funds to support themselves.
Please be advised that this is a scam and we have already sought out one individual who most definitely was not deaf.
Always follow the rule if not sure don’t open the door.  This way the individual can not obtain information such as your age and type of personal possessions within your property whilst talking on the doorstep.
Burglary - by Insecurity
We have issued information on how to protect your property whilst enjoying the sunshine, but as predicted in certain locations the criminals came out to work and have gained access quite easily through unlocked doors and windows.  Unbelievably 45% of reported crime over the last few weeks was carried in at insecure properties. 
If out in the back garden – lock the front door and close downstairs windows.
Opportunist Theft from Person
As we go out and about, enjoying the local social life, shops and bars, criminals have been at work stealing purses, phones and wallets from unsuspecting members of the public who have momentarily either left their items unattended or been unlucky to have their purse taken from unzipped bags.
Please always ensure you are in possession of your valuables and do not under any circumstances leave them unattended, someone could be waiting for the opportunity.
Should your mobile phone be stolen, ring your contract supplier as soon as possible and ask them to disable the phone making it useless for a would be thief to use or sell on. Keep a note of your IMEI (from inside your phone normally near the battery slot) number handy.
Thank you for your continued assistance and please report any suspicious activity on Tel: 101.
Circulated by:
John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626
If you no longer wish to receive these messages please send a 'Reply' with 'Unsubscribe' in the Subject line. 

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