Dec 10, 2013

Bottesford NHW Alert: Be Aware of These Recent Incidents / Fly Tipping / More Burglaries / Distraction Burglary

Be Aware of These Recent Incidents
In recent days there have been two reports of incidents of serious concern in the wider area:
In the first a group of girls on their way to school in Melton was approached by a grey van. The driver asked them to get into the van and when they refused he drove off. The incident has been reported to the police and it is worth reminding children and young people to be wary of such advances and to report any incidents to the police.
In the second incident a man was reported to have exposed himself on three separate occasions in Rearsby, Queniborough and between the Wanlip Island and Hobby Horse Island on the A46. The man is described as around 6ft tall between 30 – 40 years old, clean shaven, wearing a long black jacket with a fur hood, black tights and flat black ladies shoes. Police are seeking witnesses to these incidents.
Fly Tipping
We have reports that building waste has recently been dumped at the rear of houses on the disused railway, now a footpath, at the back of Bowbridge Gardens (near Little Jacks)If anyone has seen suspicious activity in that area please let NHW know. If you should see anyone illegally fly tipping please make a note of their vehicle registration and report it.
More Burglaries
Two more reports of local burglaries, one in Granby and one in Orston. If you have an alarm fitted please remember to use it. If not consider installing one. Make sure your doors and windows are fitted with approved locks. Also, simple actions are good safeguards eg leaving the radio and lights on timer switches when you're away from home. Putting your neighbour's bin away if they're at work. It's important we notice the little things because if we don't burglars and thieves will.
Distraction Burglary
Message from Lincolnshire Police Headquarters, Community Safety Department, Thursday, 5th December 2013.

On Wednesday, 4th December 2013 at 15:49 hrs a distraction burglar knocked on the window and back door of the home of an elderly male living in Gedney near Spalding, The offender stated he was a property developer then took the male occupant outside to look at missing roof tiles that needed replacing and mentioned tarring the garage roof. 

Description: Male, white, 35 yrs old, with short brown hair, 5'9" to 6' tall, stocky build, clean shaven.

When the occupier returned inside his home he noticed his coat pockets had been searched and furniture drawers had been opened in the living area.   A grey/silver coloured Mondeo type vehicle was seen.
Although this crime took place near Spalding criminals are more mobile today than ever before and forewarned is forearmed.
Advice to Stay Safe
If you are not sure who is at the door, don't open it
  • Keep doors locked and windows secure at all times.  Only put the door chain on to answer the door.
  • Don't keep large quantities of cash at home; put it in the bank or post office where it is safe.
  • If you suspect a bogus caller has visited you, even if you didn't let them in, call the police straight way.  The police need to know.
John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626
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