Jan 26, 2014

Bottesford NHW Alert: Leics Police Force - Wildlife Officer


Force Wildlife Officer

Leicestershire Police has appointed a new Force Wildlife Officer.

Sergeant 5335 Paul Howland, who is a Special officer, will take up the post from December 2, 2013.

The law in respect of animals and the countryside can be very complicated and is not something a regular police officer would normally have knowledge of, or be expected to deal with. For this reason many Forces have a police officer dedicated entirely to dealing with breaches of the wildlife law.  The kinds of incidents that Paul deals with can range from the use of illegal traps and pesticide or poisoning problems to offences on protected sites and endangered species. Crimes against wildlife also include deer and game poaching, badger baiting, egg collecting and the removal of wild plants from their natural habitat.

SPC Paul Howland can be contacted regarding aspects of wildlife crime via the online contact form.


click on Advice and Information>Crime Prevention>Rural Crime>Force Wildlife Officer>contact the Force Wildlife officer Officer

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