Jul 24, 2014

Bottesford NHW Alert: FW: Summer Break-Ins Happen So Fast

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Subject: Summer Break-ins happen so fast

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What’s not to love about summer? There are the long light nights; the warm(ish) weather; even occasional glimpses of the sun. And then, of course, there’s the summer holiday – the chance to get away from it all, somewhere where the sun always shine (unless, of course, you prefer the Lake District).

Summer though also sees a huge increase in the number of break-ins and burglaries across the country, so we’ve asked Derrick Purvis, marketing manager of our security products sponsor, Avocet Hardware to guide us through the key steps of making your home secure for the summer.

“Statistically, August has the highest number of break-ins of any month of the year and when you take a moment to consider this fact it’s easy to understand why.

The weather’s warmer, the nights are light, the kids are off school, you’re spending more time thinking of your fast-approaching summer holiday and paying a lot less attention to home security – something that burglars across the country know all too well.”

So Derrick, tell us more, tell us more, what should people do to stop their summer dreams being ripped at the seams?

“The main advice we give to everyone about staying secure in the summer is simple – don’t forget the basics.

“If you lock something up on a dark winter’s afternoon, why leave it unlocked on a light summer’s night?

“Similarly, if you strive to make your home look occupied when you go out for a Christmas party, then do exactly the same when you go to your neighbours for that August bank holiday barbecue.

“Thieves will take whatever opportunity they see – whether that means grabbing things out of a shed that’s been left open; climbing up a ladder left leaning against a bedroom window; or even stealing bikes or valuable children’s toys left outside while you’ve gone inside.

“On top of these basics, most security organisations and police forces will advise a host of other tactics like trimming hedges so they can’t provide hiding places, ensuring post isn’t left unsecured and that alarm systems are fitted and function, and even the installation of security glazing.

Read the full article at www.ourwatch.org.uk/news

To find out more, and get our latest leaflets and home security solutions information visit www.homesecurityandsafety.co.uk/nhw or call 01484 725601.

A useful infographic can be downloaded from our site here showing the main areas that need to be secure to protect your home from burglars.

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