Aug 10, 2015

Bottesford NHW Alert: Lost and Found Cats / Microsoft Scam

Lost and Found Cats
The good news is that the cat lost in the Beckinthorpe area has returned home safely although a little lighter than when she went missing. It's possible she accidently got locked in somewhere. The cat reported lost in the Devon lane area is still missing. Could people in that area please check their sheds, garages or other outbuildings in case the same has happened to this one. We still have one very anxious family awaiting news of a much loved pet. We also have a report of a ginger cat roaming the Fleming Road area. If you have lost such a cat please contact NHW (see below).
Microsoft Telephone Scam
The Microsoft telephone scam has been around for a while now but some people are still falling for it. One local incident has been reported so it may be that this area is currently being targeted. The scam has several variations but always starts with a cold telephone caller claiming to be from Microsoft (or from a similar trusted organisation such as one of the broadband suppliers). The caller claims to have information that the recipients computer is infected  with a virus which they can remove. The caller's aim is to either extract a fee for the service (thus giving them personal financial information that they will subsequently exploit) or to gain remote access to the recipients computer (that will give them a variety of opportunities to exploit the users financial resources and ID). There is information on how to protect yourself from scams like this on the Action Fraud website but the first golden rule is to NEVER trust information offered from cold callers offering a paid service. If you think you might have a problem with your computer and you are unable to fix it yourself seek help from a reputable local professional – there are several in this area.
John Shilton
Principal NHW Co-ordinator
Bottesford Parish NHW
Mobile: 07725636626

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