Jun 21, 2012

Bottesford NHW Alert: Problems with Local Postal Deliveries / Vehicle Crime Grantham Rural Areas

Problems with Local Postal Deliveries
We received several responses to the email sent out on 7th June alerting residents to credit cards and/or PIN numbers being intercepted in transit. Some people have followed the advice to contact the Royal Mail and have found them to be spectacularly unhelpful! The local police are not required to respond because, in most cases any fraudulent spending is re-imbursed by the banks, so they become the victim, not the cardholder (although speaking from personal experience it doesn't feel like that when you are on the receiving end!).
The situation is clearly unsatisfactory and we want to get a clearer idea of how widespread this has been and for how long it has been happening. If anyone in receipt of this alert has had a credit card and /or PIN go astray in transit and has not already informed us at NHW, could you please send us a brief email outlining your experience. We don't need a lot of detail at this stage we just want to get an idea of numbers and timescales. However, if you have raised the issue with the Royal Mail it would be useful to know how they responded.   
Vehicle Crime Grantham Rural Areas
Please be mindful when you are leaving your vehicle parked in rural areas as number of vehicles have been broken into in remote places around the Grantham area at dog walking and fishing spots. 

Yesterday afternoon a blue Audi was stolen whilst parked in the Denton Reservoir area sometime between 2.30pm and approximately 5pm. Incident number 343 of the 20th June refers (Lincs Police).

An attempt was made to get into a vehicle a few weeks ago whilst parked up at Ropsley Golf course.

On Sunday evening a laptop was stolen from a vehicle whilst parked up overnight in Colsterworth. Incident 75 of the 18th June refers  (Lincs Police).

Please do not leave valuable property such as satnavs, wallets, laptops or phones in vehicles, even if they are out of sight. If you do see anything suspicious please contact the police on 101.
John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626
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