Jun 7, 2012

Bottesford NHW Alert: Problems with Local Postal Deliveries

We have been informed that a number of people in the Bottesford area have not been receiving certain bank related post via the Royal Mail, specifically credit cards and new pin numbers. The cards would have been either genuine replacements ordered by the owners, or in some cases, cards ordered fraudulently by persons unknown. 

Whilst it hasn't been proven that any new card/pin or statement interception has been happening at our local sorting office (Bingham) the advice received from the local post office is to complain and raise an incident which has to be investigated by the manager at the sorting office. If enough people who have had post go missing complain this would trigger a full investigation which hopefully would put a stop to any criminal activity.

One banking source has advised that an organised local gang may be "liberating" cards and their pin numbers and using them in the London area.
We would urge anyone who has suffered the loss of mail items recently to register their complaints with the Royal Mail. 

 Complaints can be made through the following channels:

Phone:  0845 774 0740

Banks and Card Services are only too happy to advise customers of what extra precautions they can take to safeguard their cards and accounts from this type of criminal activity.
John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626
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