Jun 1, 2012

Bottesford NHW Alert: Vehicle Thefts/Melton Rural Crime Strategy/RSPCA Collections

Vehicle Thefts
Sometime overnight on May 28th a Black Seat Alhambra with a registration on W646 KVL was stolen from the West St area of Barkston.
Lincolnshire Police are aware that there have recently been thefts of Seat Alhambra's,VW Sharon's & Ford Galaxy's in  the area.
The vehicles have all been stolen without the aid of keys and no broken glass has been seen in the area.
If any resident owns one of these vehicles please fit an alarm along with a steering wheel lock and report any suspicious persons or activities in the area.
If you have any information please contact Lincolnshire Police on 101

New Rural crime prevention Strategy Launched in Melton

The police in Melton are continuing their fight against rural crime by launching a new ‘Fast Text’ service for farmers. 

Fast Text is a system whereby the police and farmers can share information quickly by sending out single text messages to large groups of people.  For example if a farmer has a piece of equipment stolen or has seen a suspicious vehicle he can send one text to the police who will forward it onto hundreds of farmers, if appropriate, to share the information.  The system has been paid for by the National Farmers Union and the NFU Mutual and the Melton Community Safety Partnership. 

The police hope to sign up all farms in the Borough to the system.  The police already use the community messaging system, Neighbourhood Link, but it relies mainly on emailing information which doesn’t instantly get the information to farmers who may be working in fields or on their tractors. Officers plan to use both systems side by side. 

It won’t just be the police who send out messages the strength in the system relies on everyone using it to share information. 

Inspector John Gray, Commander of Melton Local Policing Unit, said; “We really think Fast Text could help us in the fight against rural crime to get relevant information out quickly and easily to farmers who predominantly work outside.  It is no good warning farmers about a theft or suspicious activity by email.  Fast text enables us to be immediate and that can be the key to catching criminals. 

“We also have plans to carry out a crime prevention survey at farms in the Borough who request it or who are repeat victims.  It may take some time but we want to go round every farm looking at their current security measures and making any recommendations to improve it.  We will do this through site visits. 

“We are also launching another six week period of extra targeted patrols at key locations at key times of the day and night using regular officers and Special Constables.  We have other initiatives planned in the coming months too which we hope will lead to a reduction in crimes that affect the rural community.”

RSPCA Collections
The RSPCA will be collecting in the NG13 0 (Bottesford Area) between 4/6/12 and 1/7/12 between 12 noon and 8.30pm.  Staff will have badge numbers beginning with 8453 or 8533.  We have been informed of this by Amy Sulley 0115 9596380 Capital One Promotions, 74 Houndsgate, Nottingham.
Sent by:
John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626
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