Jul 24, 2013

Bottesford NHW Alert: Indiscriminate Use of Laser Pens/Pointers


A local resident has reported being repeatedly illuminated by a bright green light (presumably a laser pen/pointer) originating from the vicinity of the skateboard park whilst walking his dog on Rutland Lane at around 10.30 pm last Sunday. The incident was reported to the police.

Most laser pens legally available in this country are harmless if used correctly for their intended purpose. However stronger, and therefore more dangerous ones, are available for commercial and scientific purposes. At the point of exposure in circumstances like that described above the recipient cannot know whether they have been put at risk or not until after the event. For several reasons therefore the use of these pens in an indiscriminate way involving unaware third parties is to be discouraged. Indeed if harm or distress was caused by such activity it could be classed as assault. No harm was caused on this occasion but it would be helpful if parents of children and young people using the skateboard park make them aware of the potential risks and dangers. 

John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626

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