Mar 19, 2017

Bottesford NHW Alert: Break-in Granby

At approximately 1.30 on Friday afternoon there was a break in at a property in Granby Lane Plungar. Fortunately an alert resident spotted the perpetrators and called the police.


The culprits were disturbed before the police arrived and sped off in a white van bearing false number plates in the direction of Granby.


Please stay alert and ensure your property is protected by alarms and security devices etc. Do not leave house, garage and shed doors open  even for a “ few minutes” that is all the criminal needs. Most break ins are over in less than two minutes.


Please stay alert and do not hesitate to call 999 if you see a crime in progress or 101 if you see anything you consider suspicious.


John Shilton

Principal Co-ordinator

Bottesford Parish NHW


Mobile: 07725636626


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