Mar 11, 2017

Bottesford NHW Alert: Theft of High Performance Cars / Battery and Generator Theft

Theft of High Performance Cars

The following information has been issued to Orston NHW by the police as villages are being targeted by organised gangs looking to steal high performance cars.




Battery and Generator Theft

The following advice has been issued by Leics Police:

Around this time of year we tend to see an increase around battery and generator theft. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of this crime, please consider the following steps:

  • Visibly mark your equipment where possible. Doing so will act as a deterrent as it will reduce its value if the thief attempt to sell it. This will also make it easier to identify your property when recovered.
  •  Photograph your property in order to keep a record of it. This will aid the police to be able to identify your property if recovered.
  •  Attach your battery and generator to a fixed location so that is difficult to then steal without causing damage.
  • Try to camouflage where the equipment is kept so that it isn’t visible to possible criminals. If there is a light on it to show that it is in working condition, try to cover this so it isn’t easily spotted in the night.
  •  Trackers can be attached to batteries and generators which will make it easier to trace if stolen.

As usual if you see anything unusual please report in to the police by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress.

John Shilton

Principal Co-ordinator

Bottesford Parish NHW


Mobile: 07725636626


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