Feb 6, 2019

Bottesford NHW Alert: Scams, Scams and More Scams

Reports of scams continue to be received on a daily basis so we are repeating the advice issued last June:


Whilst the framework in which individual fraud and phishing activities are presented varies, many of the warning signs are the same:


·         The opportunity offered seems too good to be true – trust your instincts

·         The approach comes “out of the blue” – it is unsolicited – always check back independently with the body/organisation supposedly offering the opportunity

·         The opportunity requires an immediate response – if you feel you are being rushed into action STOP and think!

·         The actions you are being asked to take feel strange or surprising for the organisation concerned e.g. your bank will NEVER ask you to reveal your security information; HMRC will NEVER inform you of a tax refund via email or telephone. If it feels out of the ordinary – BEWARE

·         An unwillingness to share the caller’s telephone number or the number given is invalid is a sure sign that something is wrong


Residents can check for known scams by visiting https://actionfraud.police.uk. The website is valuable resource for all information relating to online fraud and phishing. You can sign up for regular alerts, check for known activity, report scams and phishing attempts and view advice on protecting yourself from this rapidly increasing risk.


In addition there is a new nationwide initiative called Friends Against Scams which offers a wide range of support helping residents spot the signs and raise awareness. It includes online training to learn about the different types of scams, how to spot them and how to avoid becoming a victim. Find out more by visiting friendsagainstscams.org.uk


If you have elderly relatives or friends please help them understand the risks and how to deal with them.



John Shilton

Principal Co-ordinator

Bottesford Parish NHW

Email: JohnS@bottesfordparishNHW.org.uk

Mobile: 07725636626


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