Dec 30, 2011

Malicious emails

We have been alerted to malicious emails circulating purporting to come from FedEx. The one known to have been received by a local NHW member was headed: Shipment Status No 960. The message stated that they had been unsuccessful in delivering a parcel and asked the recipient to complete the invoice (which was attached as a zip file!) and contact the company to re-arrange delivery.
Several things alerted the recipient to this email not being legitimate:
  • It was copied to several other addresses not known to the recipient
  • Although it stated that attempts had been made to deliver the parcel, no card had been put through the recipient's door to this effect - so there was no evidence that FedEx had been on site
  • The invoice was contained in a zip file - why use a zip file for a simple one page document?
  • Why was it deemed necessary to complete an invoice before re-arranging delivery?
  • The recipient was not expecting to receive a parcel
On checking with FedEx the recipient was advised NOT TO OPEN the zip file but to forward the email to for investigation.
Anyone receiving such an email should treat it with extreme caution. The zip file almost certainly contains a virus designed to disrupt your computer, or worse still, steal your personal information.
Further information and examples of malicious emails can be found at the FedEx Customer Protection Center
John Shilton
Principal Coordinator
Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch
Mob: 0772 5636626

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