Sep 30, 2014

Red Cross Callers / Secure Car Number Plates Petition

Red Cross Callers
Hose NHW have received reports that people purporting to be from the Red Cross, have been knocking on doors and asking if people have been trained in first aid.


If anyone has received such a visit please let NHW know. Some charities do engage professional fundraisers, but we have never heard of asking about training courses. We are awaiting advice from the Red Cross

Secure Car Number Plates Petition
Leicestershire Police are supporting Melton Neighbourhood Watch Chairman, Eric Tindall, in his quest to convince the government to make it compulsory for cars to be fitted with number plate security screws.

Mr Tindall would like to see number plate security screws fitted at the point of sale and during MOT tests, to reduce the number of cases of car cloning.

Over 45,000 number plates are stolen each year, most of which are then used to commit crime. The main crime committed is bilking, when a suspect fills up with fuel then drives away from a filling station without paying. This crime alone costs petrol companies between £20 to £30 million a year and approximately £15million pounds a year to motorists and the police force.

Victims of a number plate theft could also be liable for parking fines, speeding fines, congestion zone charges and fines associated with running a red traffic light.

It is also hoped that the introduction of compulsory security number plate screws will reduce the number of police hours spent investigating such crimes.

Mr Tindall has already visited the Home Office to speak to them about the merits of the scheme.

In order for the issue to be raised in the House of Commons, Mr Tindall has created an e-petition in the hope of getting at least 100,000 signatures.
Mr Tindall said: "The police and neighbourhood watch in Melton, Leicestershire and various force areas across the UK have been running a security screw initiative in conjunction with local garages for a number of years. The scheme has been relatively successful; however it is only on a small scale with limited results.

"If all cars were fitted with security screws at the point of sale or at their next MOT, I am sure that we would begin to see a noticeable decrease in car cloning."

Inspector John Gray, commander at Melton local policing unit said: "We are very proud of Eric for taking on board this issue and coming up with a strategy to tackle it. We fully support the initiative and encourage as many people as possible, across the country, to sign the petition."

Jim Maddan, chair of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network said: "I am delighted that Eric has taken it upon himself to flag this issue. Theft of number plates is a crime that can easily be prevented and I wholeheartedly support Eric's petition.

"I would encourage all other Neighbourhood and Home Watch members to sign this petition."

Leicestershire Police Chief Constable Simon Cole said: "Criminals steal registration plates so that they can commit more serious crimes, whether it's filling up with fuel and driving off without payment, avoiding detection for speeding or being involved in serious and organised criminality. The cost to the UK economy is millions of pounds every year, for which we all pay through higher prices. It is also a form of identity theft that can have a devastating impact upon the lives of victims.

"For the cost of just a few pence, tamper-proof screws are a simple and effective way to protect yourself and to prevent crime. Leicestershire Police are leading this initiative in Melton and eventually we'd like to see every vehicle in the UK equipped with the screws, making it harder for criminals everywhere to bring misery to individuals and communities."

To sign the e-petition and support the scheme, please visit:

John Shilton

Principal Co-ordinator

Bottesford Parish NHW

Tel: 07725636626



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